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If your thinking about improving your health and fitness and want to lose weight and inches Brealy Bootcamps is an ideal choice ! Fantastic variety of activities and balance of exercise, nutrition and behaviour workshops. Julie's personal involvement in your progress is genuine- you fell encouraged and supported throughout. This was the best investment in me that i have ever made !
Ruth, 10 day weight loss retreat June 2012

My time at Brealy Bootcamps has been an amazing experience, I would recommend it to anyone. I have met friends for life, had a laugh & still lost weight. Julie makes exercise challenging but fun. I am going to be booking my next bootcamp and am ready to go !
Laura, 23 Kent

I came in trepidation because of my age (67) but i needn't have worried - the group of women were varied in age and ability, everyone supported each other, I had a fantastic experience and have lost weight, am fitter than I've been in years and most of all motivated to carry on !  Thank you Julie
Anne 67 June 2012

I was quite apprehensive about the experience before I started the program but i shouldn't have been. i was made to feel really supported and to achieve what was within my range. i was always challenged but not made to feel awkward if i couldn't keep up.
Kath, 15th August weight loss camp
August 2011 Summer school

Brealy Bootcamps is an incredible experience. you have no idea what your body is capable of until you've been on one. A brilliant way to kick-start a new lifestyle with like minded people who will laugh, smile, grimace and share the hard work with you in equal measures ! Thank you
Diana, 42 15th August 2011 Summer weight loss camp

I have tried various bootcamps but this one really is the Best. The variety of exercises is astonishing - everyone will find something they really like doing. But what sets this bootcamp apart is what I call the "brain training" element, the hypnotherapy, NLP and nutrition workshops give you the tools and techniques to continue your kick-start into your everyday life. You learn that you CAN take control.

Thanks Julie so much for a fabulous 5 days - I  don't want to go Home!
Ann, 17th July Bootcamp 2011
Bikini Bootcamp July 2011

Having been to 3 other camps I can honestly say that this camp was the best ever. The personal attention together with a well balanced exercise and information program has me longing to implement everything as soon as possible in my normal life.
Jeanne 48, 17th June 2011. Weight loss retreat

Julie's strap line 'Never say Never' couldn't be closer to the truth ! if you think you aren't fit enough, think again..you work at your own level and push for results you do not think are possible in as little as a week. The support and encouragement offered by Julie and her team make the whole experience enjoyable and fun ! You can do anything you set your mind to !
Nicola, 32. 17th June 201, Weight Loss Retreat

I went not knowing what to expect as it was my 1st bootcamp, I was made very welcome and encouraged throughout, real mix of fitness levels and everyone inspired each other it was great having a small group. Brealy Bootcamps is in a fantastic location with scenic surrounding areas.
Sarah, 40, Kent, 10th April 2011, Retreat Bootcamp
sarah r

The weekend came at a really good time for me – just when I needed to have a complete break and escape ten months of never ending work. Since returning to ‘normal life’ I feel that I have really benefited. Went back to work on Monday feeling how I used to be a year ago - full of energy, more positive and back in control. Have also booked my next weekend with BrealyBootcamps - amazing what can be achieved in one weekend!

Catherine, 44, Surrey, 12th March 2011 Dance and tone weekends
D&T march

At age 61 I was feeling very jaded and lacking enthusiasm for exercise. I was also carrying a few extra pounds in weight. My daughter suggested getting away to a Dance and Tone Boot camp. I felt a bit apprehensive but needn’t have worried. The trainers were so friendly and encouraging. The venue location was stunning.  After a weekend at the Dance and Tone boot camp I am more energised and thinking about my eating habits and it was fun too. Thank you Julie.

Barbara, 61, Kent, 21st March 2011 Dance and tone
D&T march

I would just  like to say how much I appreciate your bootcamps because, as an older person (over 60) I am always nervous about starting any exercise class. At Brealy Bootcamp we all worked at our own pace and up to our own capabilities. Even when I was the slowest, I never felt neglected, left behind or under pressure. Although I will not now become a champion athlete now, I feel that you appreciate the importance for older people to exercise in order to lose weight, stay healthy and keep flexible.
Olivia, 65, Sussex 12th February 2011, PT and Bootcamp weekends

I used to be anti personal trainers until I met Julie.
When I met her at bootcamp I observed that she had an intuitive feel for what is right for each client and a good balance between pushing you far and making it enjoyable.
Since I have started working with her on a one to one basis, she has put together program that really is tailored to me, my body and my aspirations.
I really look forward to my sessions with Julie and never thought I would say that about a PT!
Heather, 47, Greater London, PT 2010 -

I am not someone who naturally enjoys exercising , but having completed 2 of Julie’s bootcamp days and thoroughly enjoyed them, I am converted!
I like the variety of exercise sessions and although there are some that I still find a chore, it has given me the chance to try new things and find what works for me. Everyone is friendly and approachable and you work at your own fitness level. It’s a great way to kick off a new diet!
Fran, 49, North London, 9th January 2011

I was so apprehensive about the bootcamp before i arrived, but after being there for all of 10 minutes, I was relaxed and put at ease by you and your team! 
I found the day exciting yet challenging and felt like I pushed myself further than I would if I had gone to the gym on my own!
So a thank you
Hope to do another so your courses soon
Clare, 36, Middlesex, 9th January 2011
day camp

When I met Julie a year ago I had already managed to lose a stone though diet, and was a confident size 16, but I was convinced that this was as far as I could go. Julie worked out both an exercise plan and eating plan and because she had focussed on exercises and foods that I enjoyed I actually wanted to follow the plan. After 4 months I was a size 14 and dropped another stone and half...even better I have managed to keep it off for almost a year now.
Judith, 46, Surrey 19th September 2010

I am a teacher and could only attend a boot camp in school holiday time. I attended the camp and found the whole experience rewarding. It was helpful being around women who had the same struggles and for me, the accountability really worked. I found Julie to be an inspiration, her belief in what she does with helping women who are unfit and overweight and her commitment to the cause is incredible. She works long hours and is always on call. She works tirelessly.

On the camp I lost 10lbs and put on lots of muscle. I loved it so much, I went back 3 weeks later during which time I had managed to lose another 9lbs. Some people would say I was mad and a glutton for punishment but it was even better. The second time around Julie pushed me even more and I lost another 10lbs.

What I find really helpful with Julie is that she knows what individual people need - some people need to be pushed hard, others need gentle encouragement, some prefer to be left alone, but Julie is sensitive to individual needs and supports people where they need it. Through the whole experience we had lots of laughter and fun. I would highly recommend people to attend and I plan to go back as soon as I can.
Becky, Hertfordshire

When I first met Julie I was convinced I couldn't run, I simply couldn't run for more longer than 2 minutes. My chest felt as though it was on fire, my legs aches every part of me just shouted STOP!!! With Julie's guidance and support I managed to change my long held belief and have recently completed a marathon. I still train with Julie on a regular basis and I really look forward to our sessions as she always manages to push me to a new level.
Michelle, 34, Berkshire, October 2011
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