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One Day Bootcamp

All about....One day Bootcamps

How familiar do these exasperated expressions sound…’I’ll start dieting next week/month,’ ‘I know I need to lose a few pounds,’ If only I had time to exercise…’?

One thing’s for sure – you’re not on your own!

And another certainty is having someone act as your ‘conscience’, that little voice in your ear, acts as a massive motivator when you do finally embark on that diet.

We all need someone to remind us why we don’t need that tempting tasty treat and how much better we’ll feel in the long run if we put in that short run or other form of exercise.

We all tune in to watch our favourite wannabe stars being put through their paces at X-Factor bootcamp so if it’s good enough for them to earn their millions of pounds, it’s gotta be good enough for us to shed a few of our own!

Being told time after time about the benefits of healthy eating, why we need to change our attitude to food and the enormous value of regular exercise in our lives means, surely, at some point it has to stick in our brain.

Having the same messages drilled in over and over again – and being with a group of people who live the mantra and put the words into action – can only inspire you.

Nobody likes to be the odd one out and being among fellow dieters brings out the competitive streak in all of us.

 All the experts will tell you that the key to sustained weight loss is a change in attitude, creating a new way of life. Bootcamp will certainly do that for you – there is no alternative once you cross the threshold!

And isn’t it great that the people running these initiatives also live in the real world and understand that we haven’t got massive amounts of time to invest in these programmes – we want a quick fix to a provide a longer term lifestyle change.

 One day bootcamps – genius! Pack in all the messages, meal plans, a heavy dose of exercise and an even harsher dose of reality – all made to be fun – and then send us packing with a new spring in our step and eyes on the target weight. They will have created a way to act as that voice on your shoulder all the way down the motorway home – and for weeks after, I have no doubt!

Draconian, maybe. Necessary – definitely!