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Dance and Tone Weekend

Our Dance and Tone Bootcamp is a unique bootcamp experience. At this bootcamp we like to mix it
up a bit with dance classes from Zumba, Just Jhoom, Ballet Conditioning and even a bit of Cheerleading
taking up 8 hours of the exercise program. More traditional toning exercises such as Pilates, kettlebells
and interval toning classes make up our full programme so there is sure to have something to suit you.
With varied, fun dynamic days this Bootcamp weekend is guaranteed to exercise your whole body
including those laughter muscles.

Whether you were born to dance or have two left feet, it dosn’t matter, the friendly team at Brealy
Bootcamp and the professional instructors will make sure that you have fun and are still working out to
your level. This is truly a fun way to get fit and lose a few pounds, average weight loss on a Dance and
Tone Weekend is between 3 – 5 lbs..

This Dance and Tone Bootcamp is an unforgettable experience and is very popular with our loyal Brealy
Bootcampers so we make sure we every camp is fresh and offers something new every time.

So, if you are looking for a exciting bootcamp but are still interested in results and if you want to have a
good time while still working hard then this might be the Brealy Bootcamp event for you.

Check out our picture gallery and Brealy Bootcamp TV slides for more inspiration.

Next Date

Buckinghamshire venue 4.30pm Friday 2th August to 2pm Monday 5th August 2013.
 Check out our Dates and prices page to book now.